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  1. I am a resident of downtown Campbell. How do I join the Downtown Campbell Neighborhood Association (DCNA)? For membership inquiries, please visit our discussion group at Nextdoor Downtown Campbell.

  2. How much does it cost for residents to join the DCNA? Joining DCNA is free. However, we ask our members to support our activities with a $10 annual donation per household.

  3. How many households in the DCNA boundaries are members of the association? There are over 1300 members of the Downtown Campbell Neighborhood Association (DCNA).

  4. How am I notified of DCNA activities once I become a member? We are an all volunteer group. Communication is primarily through our discussion group at Nextdoor Downtown Campbell. Members must join Nextdoor Downtown Campbell to receive announcements as well as post information to other members.

  5. I am a business owner in downtown Campbell. Should I join the DCNA? No. Membership in the DCNA is restricted to residents and residential property owners in the organization’s defined boundaries. Business owners in downtown Campbell should join the Downtown Campbell Business Association (DCBA).
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